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Slide Aspaire Group is founded in the heart of Canada's youngest and sunniest city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. keyboard_arrow_down

Slide We are forward-thinking futurists in an age of great uncertainty.

Slide Our executive team dedicates their expertise in design and real estate development and high-end building in North America, the company has created a brand characterized by bold futuristic vision, superior materials and craftsmanship, high attention to detail, innovation and a hands-on pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our business.

Slide From the start, the company has been structured to create new ecosystems of lifestyle and commerce together with Saskatchewan’s projected growth. We believe in a sustainable future and are working with some of the world’s highest environmental and sustainability certifications as part of its commitment to remain abreast of the latest improvements in construction and smart building technologies.

Slide With its roots in future-oriented, eco-aware development in Saskatchewan’s rising new neighbourhoods, Aspaire has earned a reputation for surpassing expectations about the experience of the built environment. The ability to custom-build to a finely articulated vision, along with complex, artisanal and technological features has allowed Aspaire project its identity as a landmark development company that have an important significance to the communities involved.

Slide We are creating Morning Village as a future-proof residential and commercial community in the town of Dundurn, 35km south from downtown Saskatoon. Located double-divided Highway 11 which interlinks three major cities, Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Alberta. Our proposition is to create superior urban living experience with our masterplan of a collection of boutique and residential properties on an open canvas of 270 acres, with classical and modernist inspired architecture and furthermore, a definitive vacation destination for all-season leisure and entertainment in Central Canada.

Slide Dreamland is Aspaire’s visionary landmark project built on the proven success of large scale Urban Entertainment Centres in other parts of the world. The one million square feet development is set to change the definition for indoor entertainment in Saskatchewan, providing access to high-tech simulation sports and gaming to the province’s projected 1.3 million residents as well as a future haven of Saskatchewan entrepreneurship and nation-wide tourism.

Slide The dialogue between our Morning Village and Dreamland is heightened by our focus on quality public spaces that operate at a pedestrian scale, providing excellent places for people to walk, gather, congregate, linger, sit, people-watch, and play are important components found within the design. As the character of the area continues to evolve certain aspects remain and will continue to be cherished by residents and visitors. The area’s sense of identity and pride will be redefined by this promising landmark. Learn More